A German choir in Glasgow

Sunday morning was slightly strange. The normal red-robed choir at the Cathedral was replaced by the smaller, black-suited/dressed Egidienerchor Choir from Nurmburg. A small, slim female figure stood in front to conduct.

We had our ‘normal’ service with the wonderful choral bits sung in Latin and German to a setting by one of the famous Bach family (not the famous JS Bach).

The Provost preached on the subject of the Old Testament lesson, and proposed that ‘history is often written by the winners’. He of course made no references to present or recent conflict between our countries, ( he wasn’t even born when WW2 was on), and yet it was strange (at least to me) that  only 60 years ago, it would have been almost unthinkable that such an event could have taken place. Yet it did happen and people could forgive (if not forget) such a war.

Zimbabwe is different however….where we see a dictator prohibiting what we feel as a right….to be ruled by those we wish to rule us, as elected by a majority. What a situation to have…a rich country, with starving people; a vibrant people, suffocated by oppression and fear; a beautiful country, discouraging visitors.    And yet the world seems unable to do anything about it. Let’s hope they can come to some firm resolution without resort to the kind of bloodshed we have seen in  Iraq and Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, in a Cathedral in Glasgow, last Sunday, we saw yet another small healing touch on the wounds of Europe, which are slowly healing up.

Now if they had only brought over some of Nurmberg’s famous Lebkuchen cakes, I would have been an even-happier bunny!

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