Retirement?….well just maybe!

A day of contrasts….

………… firstly with a visit to our business accountant to be quizzed about last year’s figures. It’s a bit like being called-up to the headmaster’s office, with the expected questioning and ticking-off! Had to hasten back to the office to sort out a few questions, and possible mistakes and report back asap.

………….in the evening we had over our neighbours whom we have known for almost 30 years. He recently resigned from his managerial post in a large company, and is now having a sabbatical, before deciding on what he wants to do until retirement. He is obviously enjoying doing very little after a hectic business life, and it is nice to see him so relaxed.

I think I envy him, but maybe it is not in my nature to not work. So it’s back to the grindstone tomorrow as usual!

4 thoughts on “Retirement?….well just maybe!

  1. Working just becomes so routine, we think we long to not do it but it’s not as easy as it looks… I’d like to think I could retire early though, find a nice cottage somewhere in the country, maybe Devon and live a simple life. You never know…

  2. Hi Daff…..the simple life, eh?… washing machine,deep freeze, TV,CVDs, car, blogroll, foreign holidays, mobile phone, web-cam,….where would we all draw the line?

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