What trust!

I’ve been working this weekend on what I call my ‘wildlife’ area of our garden, where large shrubs and bulbs are allowed to grow relatively uncontrolled, besides the grass being cut. It allows good protection for birds so I was so pleased to see that a young blackbird had decided to remain with me all day.

What was astonishing, however, was how close it came, and even when I moved about the garden, it didn’t seem worried, nor did it make any attempt to move away.

I think if I were confronted by some moving animal, probably 100 times larger, in the wild, I would be inclined to move away if it approached!

Is this a knowledge that it can move much faster than me, is there an ignorance that I could harm it, is it a thought that the availablilty of food is worth more than the risk I pose, is there some ‘domestication’ involved, or is it some ‘child-like’ friendship or trust?

Whatever, It is sometimes very pleasant just to sit on a stone on a warm summer’s day and talk to another of God’s little creatures!

7 thoughts on “What trust!

  1. Someone said that creatures will act like that if there is a wildlife area in the garden as that indicates that we care about it.
    Rather than try to wonder why I think that we should just accept it and enjoy the moment when it happens.

  2. You’re right of course. that’s the worst of a career which has a scientific background. Everything has to be queried. Maybe when I retire, I can leave off this mantle and, as you say, just enjoy it!

  3. We have multiple bird feeders in our garden and we have a few birds that come and hang out rather close while we’re out. Just this morning I had a bird perch on a branch right above me while I hung the laundry out. What a lovely song he sang too. I thanked him after for it :).

  4. I try not to feed in summer time, except for turning over soil…may try it.

    Have tried whistling back to them and it is interesting to see them putting their head to one side as if listening…..must be able to understand my Irish whistling, even if I am in Scotland!

  5. I too try not to feed in summer. I’ll keep a little bit out every now and again but I do feed regularly in the winter. I have a Blue Jay coming around this year that I’m trying to get a picture of. I posted a good picture on my blog today of 2 birds (I believe golden finches …?..) feeding. Stop on by :).

  6. I think it’s very healthy to wonder as you did. It is fascinating isn’t it. The Jays in our garden seem trusting of no one, they land, stalk, make quick jumpy movements then go… the blackbirds and the robins seem far more brave. Like you, I wonder if brave is the word… Have they had more good experiences with us ‘large creatures’ than bad ones?
    A lovely thoughtful post Harry, I enjoyed it.
    I’m being inundated with stinky starlings at the moment (nick name from my youth) Some mornings there are almost 20 sat in one litle apple tree! The noise is deafening! :o)

  7. We’ve had our bunches of noisy starlings, and they disappeared as quickly as they came….very strange!

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