What trust!

I’ve been working this weekend on what I call my ‘wildlife’ area of our garden, where large shrubs and bulbs are allowed to grow relatively uncontrolled, besides the grass being cut. It allows good protection for birds so I was so pleased to see that a young blackbird had decided to remain with me all day.

What was astonishing, however, was how close it came, and even when I moved about the garden, it didn’t seem worried, nor did it make any attempt to move away.

I think if I were confronted by some moving animal, probably 100 times larger, in the wild, I would be inclined to move away if it approached!

Is this a knowledge that it can move much faster than me, is there an ignorance that I could harm it, is it a thought that the availablilty of food is worth more than the risk I pose, is there some ‘domestication’ involved, or is it some ‘child-like’ friendship or trust?

Whatever, It is sometimes very pleasant just to sit on a stone on a warm summer’s day and talk to another of God’s little creatures!