That little screen …

Sorry ! have not been about for a little time now but hopefully this will explain why….

A fair number of us have a monitor screen of some sort on our desk at work or in the house. You must have one or you would not be reading this!

It provides another world into which we have to venture, a bit like Alice and her Looking Glass. But it also allows us access in both directions to the world at large. At one time we read books as a way into this other world, but now we need this window for both business and pleasure.

So when this window is blanked-out for one reason or another, we feel very deprived. If we are watching a favourite TV programme, and there is a power cut, the loss of the viewing maybe annoys us just as much as the other inconveniences!

Imagine how I felt when (two weeks ago today )my main work computer, which has served me well for some years, suddenly packed-in completely. Luckily I managed to get most of our stuff off it, and it was just to be a matter of getting a new machine and uploading the saved info……some hope!

I needed a performance upgraded instrument with XP Pro…..but there are no machines with XP now available, so had to accept Vista. However the drivers are different, and some of my XP programmes will not operate under Vista! Also all my suppliers have specific programmes for the programming of the newer hearing aids;  some can be used with Vista, some have upgrades, and some indeed have no plans to upgrade their information to Vista! To crown it all, the printer I was using was not compatible with Vista!

So, Young Lady of the house did not see me much recently in the evenings while I struggled to get everything (or most) up and running. Blood pressure was at an all-time high, and I was probably more crabby than usual. Her patient and forgiving nature was to the fore however, and to be applauded. With the help of everyone, I am now catching-up with appointments, and after a relatively quite time in a business sense, I am now run off my feet again!

However, the weather has been nice, the garden is looking reasonable, and the possibility of retirement gets a little closer! Then I will have a little more time to look at my little screen for pleasure!

5 thoughts on “That little screen …

  1. sorry to hear that your computer took a powder! glad you’re back online–i missed your musings and pictures. i do my virtual traveling through your blog.

    i know the frustration that is trying to get a computer to behave. i’ve had near melt-downs when my digital camera suddenly refuses to work with my computer and when my printer inexplicably decided to stop scanning and copying–it only prints from the computer now. argh.

    such is life. have a great weekend!

  2. I wonder if we ever had to go back to the caves after some great catastrophe, would we still develop along the same way, knowing of ‘the paperless-office’, pollution,carsthat kill,mobile phones etc.

  3. I bought a new laptop at the beginning of May. The supplier I used gave me a choice of the various versions of XP and Vista. I was glad to get XP Pro. As is was for “her indoors” I knew that I would be able to use another of her three uses of MS Office 2003 – so no need to have buy the relevant Office version.

    I dread replacing the Desktop (currently running 98SE) as all the photo software, etc will need replacing.

  4. Flighty….I love the phrase ‘oldish’….according to the main suppliers, anything over 4 years is ‘oldish’, and I dread trying to replace the odffice computers as they are required, as you can never get the same model as you got a year ago, so they are all different models!
    Stewart….I didn’t like XP Pro at the start but it proved OK….I would agree that (*SE was probably the most user-friendly. The best ever ‘word-processor prog’ was probably WordPerfect.

    Plus la change!

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