It’s not a ‘man-cold’…..

….but my nose is running like a tap!…..and I have an un-requested deep husky (sexy?) voice. It may have been an allergy, or sitting in a car for a few hours with re-cycled air-conditioning (a bit like flying?).

Problem is that I am supposed to be singing with Angelus on Sunday night! Has anyone got an instant medicinal recipe (or pills) which does not involve copious amounts of alcohol? My audience awaits, but I don’t think they would like to see me swaying, or hanging-on to something, whilst my tonsils warbled uncontrollably.

4 thoughts on “It’s not a ‘man-cold’…..

  1. Hope the nasal passage has cleared ready for tonight! (Fingers crossed but I bet you sing/sang beautifully!) Sorry I haven’t visited in a little while, well at least not to leave a good comment, I’ve just let things get a little busy and I hope I will get some normal back this week!
    Have a good week!
    If you have any sunshine spare can you send it down… we need drying out after todays non-stop downpour!

  2. Thanks folks….have just arrived back from Killin with my little loyal band. We all sang exceedingly-well in my humble opinion. No probs with throat.

    Weather had been fine when we went up for the practice in the local Church of Scotland church (because the Roman Catholics use the Episcopal Church for an afternoon Service). After a beanfeast we had to move out of the Ch of Scot Church (as their building is used for an AA meeting) and we repaired to the Episc Church for our service which was attended by members from all of the local churches.

    Headed south in the pouring rain….the end of another busy day!…….

  3. Glad to hear that the singing went well ~ When I read: “After a beanfeast we had to move out of the Ch of Scot Church”, I thought it was because of the beans 😉 LOL, until I read the explanation. Happy June 🙂

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