Singing in the Highlands..again

Sunday evening saw our little Choir, Angelus, singing again in the lovely Highland spa town of Pitlochry. We had been invited to return to Holy Trinity Church, (which is just beside the local distillery) this time to take part in a Sung Eucharist Service

Believe it or not, this change was because the Morning Service had to be postponed because of a cycling road race which would be running (or should I say, pedalling?) a matter of feet from the church! The resulting closed-off roads and sheer noise and activity would have precluded the possibility of them having any kind of normal service, and it was put back to the evening.

This meant different music to be prepared and learned, and with two of our members off, one having just had a successful heart operation, and his wife obviously with him, we were somewhat depleted, but with some of the local choir we did well. The church was packed with members from the local Church of Scotland and Basptist churches, and all sang lustily. Great to see such unanimity amongst the community. Of course the great reputation which Holy Trinity has for hospitality also helped! (only joking!).

It is always a pleasure to come to Pitlochry as it carries an air of ‘distinction’. One would not dare criticise it! There are a goodly number of fine shops and hotels, and the Theatre has a high reputation.

In summer it can be very busy, but the best time to see it is, well, any time. Go in the spring and see the ferns and heather on the hills; in the Summer, the gardens of the houses and hotels are at their best and the heather on the hills can be marvellous; in Autumn the bracken, and the colours of the trees can compete with ANYWHERE in the world; and of course when the snow is on the hills in winter, and you can get through the snow-gates, you must have your camera!  DO I SOUND LIKE A TOURIST GUIDE?

The marvellous grey stone which is extensively used here, gives it a very clean appearance and it always looks fresh. The Fish Ladder and the Theatre in its own gardens, are both worth diverting off the A9 to Inverness, to see. Most highland coach trips will do so and you will find many languages on the streets and in the shops.

Unfortunately, with our busy day, we did not have time for a wander round but we invite every-one, especially those from south of the Border to come and see it.

We will be back at Pitlochry if invited!…..some photos will follow….

7 thoughts on “Singing in the Highlands..again

  1. what a pretty church–so old! i’m looking forward to the itinerary you will prepare for me for my visit across the pond. 🙂 i’m sure it will be chock full of adventure and lush countryside.

  2. CWG….I think it may be the case of …the grass on the other side of the fence being greener… you obviously have some lovely areas near you, and one of the great limitations of life is that we will only ever see a small fraction of all the beautiful places in the world.

    Flighty….Pitlochry is still Pitlochry, I don’t think it has changed much in the last 25 years!

  3. Looking forward to the pictures. How inconvienient of those bikes. It is indeed a very pretty church.
    I do love a church choir. My mother is in one and i have been pondering whether i shouild join.
    I tell you what. The best choir i have ever seen was in Salt lake city. IN the tabernacle. It was amazing. But probably more so because of the room they were singing it. You could hear a pin drop from the other side of the room, 4 floors up. x

  4. Nice to hear from other choristers (or potential choristers). It can be great fun….so give it a go! I believe Salt Lake has a reputation for great choirs, but we prefer a small intimate setting to being in a large group.

    Still awaiting the pictures to come from our ‘official’ photographer, and will put them up when i get them.

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