The madness of football

As a resident of Scotland, within about 45 mins of Ibrox, the Rangers Stadium, I was sickened by the recent scenes in Manchester. There is nothing which can be said to explain or excuse the appalling behaviour of the minority of people who ravaged the centre of the city, and showed a distorted view of the normally-sane Scottish football lover. What an example to the young ones present (why were they not at school?)! And what are they saying to the rest of the world? The injuries caused to police officers, and the appalling video of the attack on one of them, is an insult to the ideals of law and order, to which, fortunately, most of us adhere.

The sooner, that the footballing authorities get some kind of grip on these people (who, incidentally help to pay the inflated wages of football management and players) the better. It cannot be left entirely on the shoulders of the police forces who are already well-stretched.

Perhaps they could start by remembering that at one time football was a sport, and not a reason to produce high emotions, change a genuine opportunity for rivalry, into a chance to hate people wearing a different shirt, and destroy property.

If not, then the next generation will pursue the same path.