Why is life so busy?

Keeping a diary provides the means of recording both day-to-day mundane, and important,  events on an on-going basis, and one has only to look at many blogs to see the ‘busyness’ which we all have. Yesterday was one of those days when the sun shines and a tremendous number of little jobs need to be, and are done….

  • prepare blogs and comments
  • send e-mails about choir
  • rehang spare room curtains
  • dismantle and clean double-glazed dormer window
  • touch up paintwork in one of spare rooms
  • weed the front garden
  • cut back lawn
  • re-pot lavatera plant
  • cleanup patio
  • trim wall rose
  • remove old lilac tree (or as much as was possible)
  • re-coat garden furniture with eco-friendly varnish
  • tidy-up some daffodil heads
  • re-adjust pots on patio to bring the more colourful ones closer
  • trim away some of Leylandii hedge
  • have well-deserved beer with Young Lady
  • out for meal in evening (had to return to restaurant to collect forgotten jacket!)

…………….and many others, too many to mention.

…………….and this does not include all the hundreds of little jobs which Young Lady of the House did!

We were sitting briefly out at the back watching little ants running hither and thither somewhat aimlesly, but perhaps with their own version of a busy day. Some were carrying small leaves, but most were not doing anything apparently notable. I wonder when they got back to their nests did they have a communal moan about the jobs they did and still have to do?

Our morning and afternoon were probably the warmest this year, and unfortunately the clouds built-up and thunder and lightening were followed by a brief torrent of rain. One of our neighbours had been hosing the garden in the morning but must have felt a bit silly when the downpour came!


8 thoughts on “Why is life so busy?

  1. HINDSIGHT IS A WONDERFUL THING! Whoops! Sorry, it’s getting dark and I couldn’t see where I was typing! It could have saved him a chore at least!
    Your to-do list looks plentiful but these times of busydom, running hither and thither sometimes make the day much more interesting. Try and relax this evening. I think your thunderstorm is coming my way!

  2. A very productive day! It is amazing really what we accomplish in a day, and keeping track of it really shows what has been done, or is still to do! Good weather certainly seems to energize folks ~ and thunder, lightning and rain come along to send us scurrying back inside. Yes, it is interesting about those busy ants. They are fascinating little creatures. I wonder if they think the same about us?

  3. daffy…..sorry, I should have explained…it was a woman with the hose!
    Glo…….still thinking about those little ants….hope they didn’t come into the house to get out of the rain
    all……another nice day today, and the garden is wearing a smile!

  4. Hello, just popped in from Daffy’s site. Your “to-do” list looks like mine – quite ambitious. I read somewhere that we are human beings – not human doings! I try to remember that when I get too busy to enjoy life.

  5. Hi….thanks for that quote…useful when a conversation at a dinner-party flags….

    But you’re right….probably the things we remember most as we get older are those involved with an element of serenity.

  6. Well, I confess, that quote comes from an article about one of those New Age-y, yoga retreat sort of places – not the sort of thing I usually quote! But for some reason it stuck in my head. It comes back to me when I get feeling like no matter what I do, I never accomplish enough. But most of the places where we feel the most serene, like gardens, take lots of hard work! I guess like most things we have to find the balance.

  7. Serenity, like peace, or love, or trust, requires a lot of hard work….or is that a bit philosophical?

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