A coincidence?

On Saturday, I went to the Isle of Arran, off Ayrshire, on an idyllic day of sunshine and warmth. I was visiting a local church briefly, whilst the Young Lady of the House, and Daughter went to the few local shops, and we got back to the boat slightly early.

Having a few minutes to spare, we visited a local Art Gallery. Speaking to the owner about churches and I mentioned that we went to St Mary’s Cathedral in Glasgow. His immediate reaction was that he had a print of an un-usual view of Kelvin Bridge and a large church, Lansdowne Ch of Scotland, and our Cathedral in the background. I immediately snapped it up, and it now has pride of place beside the print of the little Church in Bearsden which has played such a large part in our lives.

Isn’t life strange that I had to go so far away to find it!

2 thoughts on “A coincidence?

  1. It’s so often the way that something like that happens. I know that a lot of people don’t believe in coincidence but I’m not one of them! Cheers.

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