Where is it?

My photo, showing the Green Park Hotel in Pitlochry, suddenly disappeared!…..leaving me headerless. So it gave me the chance to put up this new one, which I still use on my computer desktop.

I’m not looking for an answer as to where my old Header went, but let’s see who knows their geography. All I will say about this new one is that it is off the Northumberland coast of England.

So go on, face the challenge….who can win the ‘I KNOW MY GEOGRAPHY’ award.

P.S. If anyone has stolen my old header, could they please return it!

8 thoughts on “Where is it?

  1. i’ll second flighty’s guess…i actually googled it, tho.

    one of my favorite books is bill bryson’s notes from a small island, in which he travels around britain. it’s a good read and it taught me all about john o’groats. 🙂

  2. and i think i saw your header, carrying a suitcase down at victoria station…it was wearing dark glasses and a wide-brimmed hat, so i can’t be certain it was yours…but it looked pretty familiar.

  3. Flighty and CWG……thanks for replying…..I am leaving the question open over the weekend to see the knowledge or ignorance of Blogging Humanity.

    CWG….Bill Bryson is a great read, I had ‘done’ the’Small Island’ one,the ‘Big Country’ one and also the ‘Short History of almost everything’ one. All very enjoyable, but he packs so much into each chapter it can become tiring!I have never actually been to John O’Groats but very close.

    CWG….No way was that my Header….passport was still here…so no sense going to the airport!

  4. That looks suspiciously like my back yard. 🙂 (I have no idea… count me in with the blissfully ignorant)

    I think I saw Flighty run off with it, actually.

  5. Dunstanburgh Castle?
    Your header? Yes, well, erm…. it’s here. It left of it’s own accord though. (I think it must have been longing for a bit of Geordie hospitality.)

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