To paint or to plant?

…..that is the question!

Today in the west of Scotland we have had a beautiful day….slightly windy but sunny. I know the garden needs worked-on, but what did I do…..? Instead of being out in the fresh air, I decided that the inside window-ledges needed varnishing….but you can’t  just do that….mastic had to be removed, water-marks cleaned, the accumulated dust from winter winds to be removed from the windowframes, and then all washed.

Luckily I had started on the smallest spare room, but even then preparation work had to be done, spare varnish removed and then all the frames washed. Whilst that was drying off, I thought I would clear out a built-in wardrobe and paint inside. So you can imagine by the time I had been to B & Q and got the work in hand, and eventually getting tea, I was slightly ‘knack…..d’.

The room is a mess, but first coat has now dried in the cupboard and killing the rather strong green (!!!)paint which was on before……so starting to get somewhere, but I am now on the treadmill… and the Young Lady of the House is constantly being told to put new jobs ‘on the list’. So if i am not blogging between now and the beginning of the year….you will know the number of jobs on the ‘list’ has never declined!

Anyway…it has been a gorgeous day….sun going down now but still bright…..and the garden will just have to wait!!….sorry Flighty!…..also Daffy, I imagine the Angel looks well today, if the weather is good.

4 thoughts on “To paint or to plant?

  1. As you’ve already surmised if it had been me then the window-ledges would have waited for a rainy day! Mind you I don’t have that problem as mine are all UPVC nowadays. Cheers!

  2. Ahh there you are! :o)
    Not to worry! We have to take advantage of the weather. My husband has been itching to get in the garden this weekend. We tidied the front garden which is a nice size but the back garden… well that’s another story! I’ve taken to throwing my carrot tops out at the bottom of the garden to try and discourage my hopping friends from visiting the freshly planted border plants.
    You certainly had a busy time, I hope you had a lengthy rest afterwards!
    Just looking at ‘our’ Angel now and she looks very serious today, Monday morning blues perhaps?
    My blues have been swept away as I’m only in work until 2pm. (Dental hospital app for my daughter… a mold to be made today and a chat with the hygenist for when she has the brace(s) fitted)
    Have a good week! :o)

  3. Flighty…you have made me more depressed….our guttering and downpipes were replaced with plastic some years ago, but they still get very dirty-looking, so they have to be scrubbed!…at least the rhubarb, which is coming on very well, only needs a quick rub with a wet cloth before stewing!

    Daffy….the problem is that now that I have started, I have to finish, and it is a fair-sized house! So I am just doing individual rooms not seen by the general public, so that i can stop for a rest at any time, without being chivvied-on by the Young Lady of the house!!

    Curlywurly…..don’t start me off or I might well be making references to tarts!

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