Old?…not me!

Yesterday I reached the age of ‘thrice-21’, which sounds less old than 63. I got lovely simple presents, such as a pair of posh blue walking boots from Daughter (will I ever wear them out at my age?), a modern shirt and after-shave from Son (to try to keep me trendy?), and from Young Lady of the House, a six-CD collection of Scottish comedy and two books of humour (to try to keep me sweet?).

We didn’t go out for a meal, but had a glorious Indian carry-out (good typical Scottish food, then?) and a blether. We are seeing more of both of them just now, and it is great sitting down as four adults without having to tell them to ‘take their elbows off the table’, or ‘don’t gulp your food’, or ‘eat your greens’.

I feel for those with young ones at the table, who have to be fed, or who insist on feeding themselves (or the dog), or who can effectively put food on walls, floor, even ceiling, with a well-placed fist into the middle of a dinner-plate.

Never mind, they do get better….I suppose the next thing is when I become cantankerous and may well end-up emulating the above-mentioned children!

Until then I will try to behave at table and act like a grown-up…..which I suppose I am!

9 thoughts on “Old?…not me!

  1. Many Happy Returns.
    I was going to sing to you a little ditty written by Paul McCartney but that will have to wait until next year!
    You got the best present of all and that was to spend it with loved ones!

  2. ……Ta to both of you…..I forgot to mention that I was also given my favourite choc……Toblerone…..O dear…must get on the walking machine again!!

  3. My boy loves toblerone. I can get anything accomplished by him if I have a bar toblerone! Have you tried the new fruit & nut one?
    I wouldn’t worry about getting on the walking machine! You can celebrate your birthday with chocolate for at least a week…. really!

  4. Daffy…..I suppose that my theory that broken biscuits have no calories might just apply to a broken Toblerone! Thanks for reminding me!

  5. aw a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
    Sounds like you were treated well and proper… hurrah.
    A grown up…. huh. Your only as old as you feel… and as some say.. feel a young lady. hehe

  6. One great thing as you get older (for a man at least) is that there are a higher number of relatively-young ladies around (in the case of women I suppose you could say that there are more potential ‘toyboys’ about)!

    Thanks to all for good wishes, and can I wish you all a Happy Un-birthday for 364 days of the year!

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