Back to the walking

We had our first real walks of the season last weekend. Before that, we went with Daughter for lunch to a little restaurant called the Applebank Inn, in Larkhall. I had not been there for over twenty five years and was not really surprised to see a considerable number of new houses around it. However, there is still the view over the River Avon, and the stone flags and walls give an authoratative charm to this very-old pub.

Suitably refreshed, we set off to New Lanark. This is a World Heritage Centre, and was set-up by mill-owner Robert Owen as a good workplace and living area for his workers. He provided education and Church facilities, and if you want to see some more of it, click on .

By the very nature of needing a steady flow of water, the whole area lies in a deep depression, and is approached by a steep hill on foot……and this means that the same steep hill has to be negotiated in reverse after the visit!   As if this was not enough, we then decided that we needed more exercise (memories of Daughter walking Kim her dog come to mind!) so off to Lanark Loch, for a walk on the flat. The wintry wind became evident in this more exposed area, and repaired to the local hotel for a warming coffee.

The back and knees have been complaining since, but at least we have started…..the problem will be continuing the walking!

6 thoughts on “Back to the walking

  1. You were lucky to have the weather for it! It sounds that you had an enjoyable, if somewhat tiring, time. Sadly my dodgy knees mean that I can only walk on the flat, which I regret as I’ve always enjoyed clambering up and down hills and the like.
    By the way I’ve added you to my Lawn Loungers favourites list. Cheers!

  2. It is difficult to keep up with exercise when you have pain from it. Maybe eventually, that will subside.

    Sounds like you had a lovely outing. 🙂

    I’ve added you to my favourites, as well.

  3. The walk does sound exhilarating! You will just have to store extra energy when you know a walk is looming! :o) You have such beautiful surroundings that it would be sad not to take advantage. There is so much out there to take advantage of but more so in your area I think.
    Your link is very interesting too, thanks for sharing.
    Change isn’t always good but 25 years is a long time! I’m surprised it hadn’t changed a lot more!

  4. Flighty….poor old chap! Thanks for adding me to the Honourable Legion of Lawn Loungers, but looking out at my lawn this morning there is more moss than grass!

    Lisa…just wear and tear on the old joints…no major probs!

    Daffy… an ex-physicist, I should have realised about the conservation and storage of energy, and saved it some way for the upward journey! Ps glad you’re still with us! (I must visit the Angel on a nice day!)

    ALL… must all be sad cases, finding my un-organised ramblings of any interest!

  5. Harry this is what we all do, we share our thoughts and find like-minded souls out there to share our findings, our ponderings or even to discover the new through the eyes (and words) of others. Seeing how the other half live or realising that there is so much out there! I think my biggest benefit of visiting here after being visited by you is the friendly support and words of encouragement! They mean more than anything and I’m sure others will agree!
    Long may your unorganised ramblings continue!

  6. They’re not too bad if I take it easy! You’re welcome, and of course that means you’re a sofa flyer as well!
    I fully agree with what Daffy says. Cheers!

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