I didn’t see an angel on Easter Sunday!

Lady of the House and I were at York over Easter weekend. We had not been there since the mid-eighties, when the Minster had been damaged by fire. This was a different visit as we did not have the children this time!

Snow and a biting wind did not stop us wandering through the narrow streets, and visiting the Castle Museum. We also found a wonderful country pub with excellent food.

Easter being an important Festival, a visit to the Minster was one of the reasons we went to York. The 10am service saw the largest congregation I have ever seen outwith Rome’s St Peter’s Square. We went to Sung Mattins. and then I went on a hunt for a photo of an angel. There were loads of Bishops, Apostles, cherubs, and wonderful Madonnas, but no angels, or Seraphims.

We even went to Beverley Minster, but again no angels! maybe some can explain why! 

3 thoughts on “I didn’t see an angel on Easter Sunday!

  1. York is a lovely city which I haven’t visited for far too long. It’s a shame that the weather wasn’t better.
    As for no angels I’ve no idea! Cheers.

  2. We hadn’t been there since about 1986, and the traffic is no easier. Best to get the Park and Ride bus into town and just walk.

    Unfortunately the tourist concept has taken over and it is difficult to get a real ‘feel’ for it. Beverley is quieter and the Minster is just as beautiful.

  3. No ANgels? HOw strange.
    York is somewhere i would like to go but just havent had the chance yet. It sounds a lovely trip even though it was freezing.

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