Scotland the Beautiful (again) !

I had to head north on Wednesday to the Highlands of Argyll, to the town of Lochgilphead (at the head of Loch Gilp, believe it or not!) and then the interesting little sheltered yacht haven of Ardfern. Local residents had advised that the wind and rain they had recently might prove a hazard on the route, but I felt my journey was necessary, so set off in the drizzle, but the weather improved as did the scenery.

Much of this area had been used for commercial foresting and great swathes of the countryside had been covered with towering firs. As I have been travelling up here for decades, I have seen them growing from young saplings to the majesty which they eventually achieve. As a by-product of this, however, the trees themselves can sometimes become the scenery, as vistas are precluded by the darkness of the forest near the road. What a wonderful surprise it is then, when coming round a corner, to see that an area has been cleared giving a clear view of the lakes and hills beyond.

Whilst the cleared area may sometimes be unsightly for a couple of years, Mother Nature takes over and the natural flora can return.

Might this be a good theme for thinking about life….or is that too philosophical for this time of the day?