Just a little tear….

If you do not know the beautiful lyrical choral piece ‘The Lord is my Shepherd’ by John Rutter, see if you can find a copy. It is for a small choir with keyboard and oboe, and it is one of those pieces which transcends time. I did it with my choir many years ago, and it was an emotional event. We had it this morning at the Cathedral, and this, along with the Baptism of a lovely little girl (who gave us a huge grin), was again a moving time.

I find that as I get older, I am less worried about showing any emotion….and having spoken with some others of similar age, they also seem to have no problem. Maybe that is one of the few advantages of aging!

2 thoughts on “Just a little tear….

  1. I must admit that as I have grown wiser. *smiles* (You know I mean older…) I have noticed that the strong men in my life are more likely to shed a tear and show emotion whereby in days gone by it was never seen. My dad seems to get very upset when I am upset, like a chain reaction whereby my husband is more moved by acts of geniune kindness.
    Noel Edmunds Christmas Presents last year, the flood gates did open at my house!
    The Lord Is My Shepherd was one of my mums chosen hymns for her funeral and my Grandads so for me I find it highly emotional whenever I hear it.

  2. The words of the hymn. and the music (Crimond) are a great favourite for such occasions, as they have been known by generation after generation.

    The setting by John Rutter is however a totally-different setting and is quite difficult to sing although the result is of a wonderfully-simple melody. I feel it will still be around long after all of us have stopped blogging!

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