Almost tempted…….

The period of Lent is a time when we can take the chance to make some sacrifice, or change in our lifestyles. I know that this is not the main reason, but it gives one a specific timescale which we know will end. This year I decided that the waistline needed a bit of trimming to my previous sylph-like figure (those who know me may jest, but I assure you that, as a child, I would not wear short sleeved shirts because of my thin arms!).

I determined that snacking on biscuits at work, and an excess of puddings (or desserts if you wish) were partly to blame. I am not entirely sure that they are the reason, so I did not feel that I should suffer fully……only during Monday to Friday!…you see…. compromise is a good idea!

So you can imagine how I felt when I met-up with a good church friend in Pitlochry and was offered some biscuits, especially the delightful, chocolate-coated marshmallows. I pointed out that she should not be leading me into temptation, but she countered with a quote from her sermon which implies that ‘it is better to fast with the soul and eat biscuits, than fast by avoiding biscuits and being evil in the soul’…… I have my perfect excuse……..but I am still being very good during the week.

The Young Lady of the House, and I are going out tonight to our favourite eating place….The Beech Tree Inn, and I think I may well just be having a pudding! 

3 thoughts on “Almost tempted…….

  1. I do like biscuits, and have a couple with my cup of tea. I like puddings as well, but usually make do with fruit during the week.
    I hope that you enjoyed your meal on Saturday evening, especially the pudding!
    As for the battle of the waistline…no comment!

  2. Still avoiding biscs and puds, after a lovely Chocolate Fantasy on Sat night. Can’t say I’ve noticed the trousers getting looser yet, but give me another few years, and I might be able to take in the belt a notch……but will it have been worth it?

  3. Healthy. As long as you feel healthy then I think treats and such like are allowed. We are fast approaching a culture of ‘everything is bad for you’ so I take the stand where all in mederation is ok. :o)
    My snacking habits are not so biscuity or puddingy :o) I tend to snack on olives, yoghurts and french toast with pate. (I sound so healthy don’t I!)
    Hope you had a lovely meal, its nice to go out and be pampered in a place whereby you feel comfortable.

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