Male retail therapy?…surely not!

Son is obviously getting a bit better as he has decided to trade in his old Civic for a BMW. Like me, and my father, (and probably 90% of the male population!) he has always had a passion to have a nice car, and this is his dream. It has been snowing today, so I hope he can enjoy a run in it, without the inherent dangers of this weather.

Safe driving!

P.s. It corresponds in time with an increase in business after a year of worries, so is well deserved.

2 thoughts on “Male retail therapy?…surely not!

  1. Wow! Well good for him! I’m sure he will get hours of pleasurable, comfortable and safe driving out of it! I have a polo which I wouldn’t part with for all the money in the world. (not sure I mean that!) but my husband, well, he likes the big gas-guzzlers. He’s due to change his car in March and I think he is going for a Nissan Pathfinder… not very good for me when I go shopping in the city then! I wonder if he knows that it won’t fit in the drive! :o)
    Stay warm all of you!

  2. A comment without a reply always looks lonely! I’ve noticed that its usually mine that are left lonely too!
    Perhaps I will have to make my comments more interesting then! Well all I can do is try!

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