Words, words….

You only have to read some random blogs to appreciate the richness of the language we share. We are lucky to live and work within the framework of a tremendously-eclectic group of scribbles on paper to which we attach meanings, which in turn can be understood by others.  Those of us who blog obviously love the written word, and because of the fact of having to type them, we can take the time to choose and change them. We also have the luxury to savour the words themselves, and I know that sometimes I allow myself a wry smile if I find a good combination of words to express what I mean.

Lady loves reading fiction and autobiographies, whilst I like factual books, and we both do Crosswords and all the more recent variants, so we are both lovers of the written word.

But have you noticed that I haven’t mentioned the spoken word. Having spent the majority of my working life with those who have a hearing impairment, my great wish is to help them back to being able to enjoy the sounds of communication. Those who are profoundly-deaf have their own language (known as sign-language) with a syntax all of its own, but for those for whom the spoken word is the preferred choice, hearing and under-standing is what they want.

….so where is this leading?……..well, I would love to make a list of people’s favourite words…. say 5 or 6….. I once invented ‘intertwingled’, which I now use consistently.. have you ever made up a word, and what does it mean?

Please pass a link from here to your contacts and we might end up with an ‘alternative’ dictionary of useful words.

7 thoughts on “Words, words….

  1. My favourite words?

    “Festooned”! Which means to decorate lavishly.

    “Ergo”, which you might know is Latin and means “therefore”.

    “Meandering”, to wander around. Best used alongside “experience”. ; )

    “Muppet”. Seems obvious enough. A kind of affectionate way of calling someone silly.

    … In that same vein, “muggins”, used to describe oneself, e.g., “and of course, muggins here forgot to post the deadline dates.”

    *Grins* Hope these are what you’re looking for, Harry.


  2. This kind of entry certainly appeals to me!
    Wizard or Lizard :o)

    I like Fionas’ Festooned aswell. I thik that it sounds like a proper ‘Geordie’ word. :o)

    I once got a little tongue twisted as I was explaining to my daughter why she should walk a little quicker. I told her not to Dilly-dawdle instead of dilly dally. :o)

  3. Also there is Diggle.
    This act is performed in the garden. As you dig soil you jiggle for worms… hence the word Diggle!
    My husband often has a diggle in the garden before he goes fishing. :o)

  4. I discovered another word I had forgotten about. *Grin*

    “Harangue”. It means to deliver a tirade. But I also think it works for the idea of nagging someone so incessantly that it’s akin to getting in someone’s face. XD

    I’m also admittedly rather fond of, “filibuster”. This is a form of protest used within the legislative process in which the protester takes the floor and talks non-stop on any subject. I first heard of it through The West Wing (“The Stackhouse Filibuster”). A filibuster can only be stopped by a two thirds majority vote to invoke a cloture, which essentially ends the debate. =)


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