Why irishpisky?

I’m intrigued with the wonderful range of nom-de-plumes used by bloggers! You only have to look at a few to realise the strangeness involved in coming-up with such a nickname. Many are down-right odd, others are quite plain, yet others are obviously a way for people to express themselves without any fear of criticism, (as many bloggers remain anonymous to all but a few close friends) and yet others must give us little insight into the person.

My own one is composite…I think the irish bit is a little obvious! The pisky part may not be so evident! It is a shortened form of Episcopalian, which is the scottish form of Anglican.

But it would not always have been so for me. Coming from a N Ireland Methodist background, and arriving in Scotland at an impressionable age (i.e. late teens) I met the person who was later to be the Young Lady of the House, and we eventually married. Her father was a minister of the Scottish Episcopal (Anglican) Church…..and the rest is history.

We attend the Cathedral, a wonderful building in the busy West End of Glasgow, close to the University of Glasgow, with a diverse ethnic congregation, growing at the rate of some 11% per year…. and not just old fogies like me! The music, architecture, ambiance, and above all, the friendship, is superb.

So if you are ever in Glasgow with an hour to spend, go along to Great Western Road, near Kelvinbridge subway.


2 thoughts on “Why irishpisky?

  1. I wish I had a better reason for mine other than I like dafodils!
    Most of my friends who visit/comment know my name anyway so I think it’s nice just to have that little bit of anonimity.
    I wondered about your name but I didn’t want to ask in case it was obvious (to everyone but me) so as not to show my ignorance I waited… and it paid off and I wish I had asked now! :o)

  2. I intended blogging about my lifelong interest in aviation when I started three years ago hence FlightBuff, which at the time came up blank in a Google search much to my amazement. Other bloggers soon started calling me Flighty which I like and now use as my blog name.

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