Back home

Returned with the Young Lady of the House, last night, after spending a week in Cyprus, from Boxing Day (a very-early start!), an uneventful (but boring) flight to Paphos, and a week of over-eating, walking, reading, and generally lazing about, in the heat. Only in the last couple of days did we feel a slight ‘coolth’ (my word….opposite of warmth!) in the breeze.

A small amount of rain broke the clear sky one night, and, boy, they were glad to see it! They had had no rain from March to September, and since then, nothing worthwhile. So they have problems with availability of potable water, and yet there are obviously plans afoot to add even more complexes, resorts, hotels etc round Paphos. Can they not see that it is un-sustainable!

We did what we could to minimise our ‘water footprint’, and felt we were quite good, but what were we amongst so many?

Guilt about using water has disappeared now that we are home to the cold and wet, as we are having a snowstorm, but we still feel it is our duty to help the environment by wasting as little as possible.

We often wonder whether we would like to live in such an equitable climate, but there is something to be said for the large differences we see in our climate…..but maybe I could be pursuaded to stay in a warmer area just a little longer each year!

3 thoughts on “Back home

  1. Have you ever thought of writing a book? A collection of your memoirs perhaps? The reason I ask is that whenever I give you a trigger you have a lovely way of sharing a story with so much detail and I am sure there is more than myself that would love to read it. Hope you are well and your family! Only 8 days into the New Year but I hope you are surviving well! :o)

  2. Our life….like most other people’s, is full of what appears to be un-interesting detail, and it is only when looking back, that we see the things which became important, and those which give us great joy, when we recount them to our children.

    What appeared unimportant at the time, on reflection may well have been a turning point. But the strange thing is that it is the detail about my forebears’ lives which I would love to know…how did they get to work, how did they get the doctor, how did they get in touch with friends and relations if they were in a hurry…. did they read a lot, what toys did the Children have, how well were they educated?

    All of these are more important to me than the cold dates of birth and death, so maybe my detailed record will provide some feed for the historians.

    HOW DID WE GET TO HERE…when we started talking of the Cyprus holiday.?

  3. Ah it’s the magic of conversation, it’s like a magical mystery tour… you never know where you will end up. :o)
    Hope things are going well for you and your family. I’m looking forward to your second entry for 2008.
    Are you getting much snow?

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