The Last Post?

Not really….I hope it isn’t my last post to the blog before Christmas, but I felt I had to have my fix, before the festive season.

At work, we normally leave the last week of the work-year relatively free from non-important appointments so that we can deal with emergency patients…..and this year was not exception….we were choc-a-bloc! The rest of the staff were of course, also very busy, so we did not have much time to relax. The presence and consumption-of sweets and biscuits from grateful customers, and suppliers, did help to make this last week a bit different!

Thick fog, general dampness, filthy vehicles, packed shops with over-worked staff, cold hands, overly-decorated houses with hundreds of lights, dangerously-excessive spending in the shops are all present at this time and can be a bit depressing; on the other hand we are at the turning of the night/day ratio so daylight will get a bit longer, there is a brightness in children’s eyes, a willingness to give to Charities not always seen at other times of the year, and a chance to stop and look back over the past year.

2007 is a year for us (as no doubt for many others) which has caused much anguish with our move to another Church, the health problems of both Son and Daughter, financial instability within our profession, being amonst the bigger worries, ……and yet,….. and yet, we are all still here, we are still a strong family and things do look to be getting better.

So as we pause at the Nine Lessons and Carols  on Sunday afternoon, and the Midnight Service on Monday evening, we all have a chance to reflect on what we have done and what we have not done, to make someone’s life a little brighter or more hopeful.

May the Season make you alla little happier.

3 thoughts on “The Last Post?

  1. Just back to work in a flurry of snow, after wandering about in short-sleeved shirts in Cyprus for the New Year. Hope your heating is OK again

  2. The heating is no better I’m afraid. We have tried a few things. (Getting a heating engineer is not one of them) My husband has changed valves, flushed radiators, undone pipes and all to no avail. Last night I managed to speak to someone and they gave us some advice. We have put a power flush through the system, it’s basically just acid and you leave it in the system for up to four weeks whereby it SHOULD break down any blockages and then we will have to swill the system again and flush it out. Thankfully we all got hot water bottles for Christmas!
    I’m so glad that you had a good time, it sounds like heaven. My brother and his partner took themselves off to Barcelona for their festivities and they said it was comfortably warm, cool on an evening. Welcome Back! :o)

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