S’no very warm outside!


The weather forecast was right today! We got the first few flakes of snow, in amongst the rain! The cloud-base was so low that we couldn’t see the top of the Campsie Fells (if you don’t know where they are, look up an atlas!), so perhaps they will be covered by the morning.

Why is it that we love the snow at Christmas-time, and especially Christmas Day?

Logically, it is a nuisance for travellers, costs us more in heating, can be dangerous for folk walking on pavements, and makes the birds look about for food. On the other hand it makes the days seem longer and brighter, by reflecting the available light, provides amusement for younger children, and not-so-young children, on sledges and skis.

It gives us the chance to see the wealth of wildlife in the gardens as we feed them and see their courage as they hang upside-down under the pea-nut feeder or fat-ball.

It also has the wonderful ability to cover over all those weeds which we should have pulled, and even the piles of unused flower-pots take on a strange architectural beauty, which the eventual thaw will uncover, and make us feel guilty about the jobs undone!

So, let’s hope that we have enough snow to provide entertainment, but not too much to call major inconveniences to those travelling about.

The worst car  I ever had for driving in snow was, believe it or not, the Swedish Volvo! My old CRV is great in snow and ice. It has just had the 100,000 mile service so is good for this winter at least.

Even if there is not a particularly pleasant lot of weather over the next few weeks, …..’can Spring be far behind?’