Power corrupts…..

Firstly, let me say that I am not a political animal. But…..

  • As a business person, I have views on how we should be released from some of the administrative burden we are forced to carry;
  • as a car-owner, I am perplexed by the future of our travelling freedom, as petrol rises, roads become more congested, and parking becomes impossible;
  • as a house-owner I worry for young people trying to get on the housing ladder;
  • as a parent I care about the enviroment, and the inexorable ‘replace-and-dump’ attitude which is occupying people’s minds, and filling great swathes of our nation;
  • as a peace-loving individual I am concerned about the growth in local, national and international violence;
  • I am concerned over hospital waiting lists for those who have a genuine need, while self-inflicted afflictions from drink and smoking take up an inordinate amount of the nation’s hospital beds,
  • and last but not least I have concerns about the spiritual state of our nation where ‘I’ always comes before others.

If I am only one rather insignificant individual, expressing such worries, why can we not have politicians who might just consider serving the nation who appoint and pay them?

But the newspapers are just full of the recent revelations regarding party-funding, and the television interviews consist of criticism of the ‘other party’ or excuses about ‘not-knowing what was happening’!

Why are we paying them for this when they should be earning their money dealing with the real problems affecting us all?

One of our friends once said that anyone who aspired to becoming an MP or MSP, or local councillor with the intention of achieving POWER should be automatically barred! We could get enough politicians, with probably equal capacity, by appointing people from the voters’ roll or off the street.

Maybe he was right!

One thought on “Power corrupts…..

  1. I think the same as you do… I watch the news every morning and it saddens me seeing the state of the place at the moment.. the scandal and sleaze, the time and money wasted on such nonsense and then I see my region go on the map for all the wrong reasons. I’m not clever enough to go too deeply into politics. Having said that I know when I see a world going mad and I’m afraid we are there now!

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