People power!

Ever wondered about what useful information you can get about friends. Try the reference website . Simply type in a name (even your own) and see what comes up. There is nothing secret involved….everything is in the public domain, but this brings it together.

2 thoughts on “People power!

  1. Nooooo! :o) I don’t even like the fact that people can find me through google! Strange isn’t it considering I choose to write in such a public domain!
    It sounds very interesting though, and clever.
    Hope you and yours are having a lovely weekend! Cold in the North East today… might need to get the hot water bottles out! ;o)

  2. Luckily on blogging there is still an element of anonimity, but I agree that the privacy we all once enjoyed has all but disappeared.

    Weather pleasant when over in Edinburgh today, but coming back home to the West of Scotland at teatime, saw me driving into rain.

    Heating on fulltime at the house with Son at home all the time, so I will probably fall asleep in front of some TV rubbish and a small whisky!

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