Energy crisis, what energy crisis?

I drive a wonderful Honda CRV with 100,000 miles on the clock, and it has never given any real problems. Our winters in Scotland can come suddenly and rather un-expectedly, and with the change in the clocks, and shortening light, I reckoned a few months ago that I should invest in one of these portable batteries, just in case… I did. Thank goodness!

A few days of running about on short journeys, with full lights, radio on , the essential rear window heater, and that inconspicuous little light which stays on when you are unloading stuff, all contributed to a failure to start one morning.

A few moments connecting the portable battery, and crisis over, and I was off!  A marvellous item, well worth the investment….but portable?……it is about the weight of the smaller of the suitcases (mine,obviously!) we take on holiday, so it has a downside. I have been told that I am probably still using the original car battery, so my charger will hopefully pass down to the next generation, when I am past driving.

On the other hand, with the continuing increase in petrol (now over £1 per litre), travel by car may become an un-sustainable item, and the charger be condemned to the same fate as the Sinclair C5 car and the fondeau set.

O, what a happy future we are handing-on!

One thought on “Energy crisis, what energy crisis?

  1. I can’t help but agree with you on what a fine state things will be in in years to come. The fuel prices are awful, over £1 a litre for deisel! Unbelievable. My husband drives a 4×4 so he feels it most. I drive a VW Polo which is very economical really, reliable and pretty good in the snow, not that we have had much to test it on though! (Hope it stays that way!)
    Hope you are well and I hope your daughter is recovering from surgery.

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