The Irony and the Nonsense

As I mentioned earlier, last Friday was All Souls, when we remember those known to us, who have died.

Sunday 11th is, of course, Remembrance Sunday, when we bring to mind those not necessarily known to us, whose lives were taken by war. But what about those whose lives have been blighted by war, with permanent injuries, or perhaps having lost a loved one….maybe we should have some more consideration for them!

We often display our acknowledgement at this time by the wearing of a white or red poppy. Isn’t it somewhat ironic, therefore, that the Health and Safety Executive have presumably been involved in the design of a poppy which now only uses a plastic stem, in case we might draw a drop of blood from the previous little pin!

For goodness sake……when last did anyone get an injury from the Poppy pin? In any case, where is the harm in feeling a small amount of temporary pain, and losing one drop of blood, considering what those poor men and women went through to give us the chance to wear a poppy.

Political correctness gone bonkers! 

2 thoughts on “The Irony and the Nonsense

  1. In primary and highschool, we actually had little green plastic stems on our poppies. I can see the point in that case — kids are a cruel bunch. ; ) Plus, in crowded corridors, accidents are known to happen…

    However, the majority of those who wear poppies with pins on them are (usually) sensible adults who know better than the young people to whom the plastic stemmed poppies tend to be sold.

    It’s a sad state of affairs that doesn’t really end with the poppy, though — our culture has been saturated with the idea that one can blame someone else for their own misfortunes or, as may be the case from time to time, stupidity. One need only look at the oft cited case of the woman who spilled coffee on herself in McDonalds and *sued* McDonalds for it. Numerous “no win no fee” companies have sprung up that feast on people’s mishaps.

    I wouldn’t say it’s so much political correctness as the result of a blame culture, Pisky. =\ Everyone’s too busy looking good to actually be good.


  2. I agree with you it is a little mad, kids nowadays are never going to have the freedom of a childhood that we had. My kid(s) are (were) not allowed to have snowball fights at school in the winter. I don’t want kids to get harmed but surely there has to be a limit to what they say we can’t do. Oh! The best one, the children at school are no longer allowed to shower after PE…. incase there is an accident….
    As for the plastic poppy… *shakes head*

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