The Irony and the Nonsense

As I mentioned earlier, last Friday was All Souls, when we remember those known to us, who have died.

Sunday 11th is, of course, Remembrance Sunday, when we bring to mind those not necessarily known to us, whose lives were taken by war. But what about those whose lives have been blighted by war, with permanent injuries, or perhaps having lost a loved one….maybe we should have some more consideration for them!

We often display our acknowledgement at this time by the wearing of a white or red poppy. Isn’t it somewhat ironic, therefore, that the Health and Safety Executive have presumably been involved in the design of a poppy which now only uses a plastic stem, in case we might draw a drop of blood from the previous little pin!

For goodness sake……when last did anyone get an injury from the Poppy pin? In any case, where is the harm in feeling a small amount of temporary pain, and losing one drop of blood, considering what those poor men and women went through to give us the chance to wear a poppy.

Political correctness gone bonkers!