All change…at least the clocks

So here we go again, with the season slowly changing, we go through the twice-yearly stupid ritual of preparing and executing the clock changes…..

  • do we change them just before bedtime?
  • do we change them slightly earlier to get used to the new time?
  • did we remember to change them all?
  • what about the microwave, and the cooker?
  • and the mobile phone alert?
  • and the video?
  • and the spare room clock?
  • and the heating and light timers?
  • what time should the kids be home (old time or new time)?
  • does anyone actually get up at 2am to make the changes?

At least we can forget the computer clock….it changes automatically, and everywhere across the civilised world, people will be turning on theirs on Sunday morning, to the reassurance that they are on GMT, and that they got most of the clocks right!

So don’t forget on Saturday night to put your clocks BACK…..(or is it forward?)