Another day….another jag!

Young Lady of the House, and I, became part of medical history on Saturday. We have reached a certain age, and had been invited to take part in a nation-wide survey of life-styles and health information. It is just as well that we are computer-literate, because most of the investigation  was via a touch-screen computer, but, when faced with a continuing list of personal questions, it is difficult to know oneself, especially about what happened, and illnesses endured, during youth.

Then a series of measurements of height, (standing and sitting), body/mass index, waist circumference, percentage body fat, bone density, lung function were all undertaken, and give cause for concern (well at least a little worry!).

Then came the blood-letting! We were donating what seemed like half an armful of blood, to be kept for later analysis and comparison with the other information given. Sounds simple enough! But the marvellous bloke who was taking the blood, struggled to get a vein without hitting nerves! Unfortunately I don’t like needles! Struggle as he might, he was un-successful, and had to try again, at another location, and eventually succeeded. The Young Lady of the house had no such problems. We both survived the experience!

Hopefully the results will prove of use for future medical research, but I would ask that they look after my blood samples carefully, as they, and I, took so much trouble to get them!