A Fitba’ Match

We went to see Aberdeen beating The Jags (Partick Thistle) on Wednesday Night. It isn’t a common occurence (either attending a match, or Aberdeen beating Partick Thistle). Son was going with his family, so Young Lady of the House was quite happy to go along with my suggestion of all of us attending. The match itself was quite exciting but I think that sometimes the activities of those attending are more interesting, and raise a few serious sociological questions….

  • Latecomers don’t seem to bother looking at the pitch as they arrive….it only seems to be part of the scene.
  • Some folk are happy to eat and drink rubbish, and pay highly for the chance to do so.
  • How does a chant start at the same time all over the stand, and just as mysteriously, just stop?
  • The quietest-looking supporters are often the most vociferous.
  • The Man in Black is often accused of being blind, but my observation has to be that he has to be deaf to avoid reacting to the taunts from both sides!
  • The Young Lady of the House can get as excited as anyone and screams with terror or jubilation as the occasion demands.
  • Footballers are only human and make mistakes just like the rest of us….but they still get better paid!
  • On a wintry evening, you end up with cold legs and a freezing bum!
  • A hoarse throat the following morning, goes with the teritory!

When’s the next suitable match?