Just a simple phone call…..some hope!!

At one time, if you had a phone, it was in the hallway. Then, a cold hall was not attractive, and an extension went into the living room; then one in the bedroom ….so a phone was always within a few seconds’ walk. Sometimes we might be out and miss important phone calls….so we got a recording machine to go with it. Some of us actually had a fax machine!

If that was  not good enough, the cordless phone came on the scene for those who did not want to even get up out of the armchair!

Next step was to have an internet connection, then e-mails, so we could write to each other, then a web-cam, to see each other as we spoke, then broadband, so that we could down-load ‘stuff’ even faster, see every detail on the web-cams, and play faster games.

I have handled all of these things so far, albeit slower than a primary-school pupil, but then a few weeks ago, I got a phone call (yes, a real voice, with a non-local accent) telling me that my broadband rental charge is being reduced by £3 per month!

‘Thank you’, I said, and was about to hang up when I was asked if I wished to subscribe to this facility. ‘Yes, thank you’ I said, and was about to hang up, when I was asked about delivery of the new equipment! ‘I don’t need any new equipment’, I said, and was about to hang up, when I was informed that I would benefit further by being able to make free calls at the weekend and the evening.

I heard nothing for some time, then got two e-mails from BT that the facility was now activated, and did I have any trouble installing the router. ‘I don’t have a new router, but a quite efficient old one’, I said and was about to hang up when I was told that one would be sent free of charge!

It eventually has arrived and lain for some time un-used, as weekends and evenings are when we want to escape from phone calls! I have now got it out and have been wading through the phone numbers, passwords and account numbers I am required to know instantly, when I need to phone the premium line for technical help!

Mobile phone-users have not escaped this increasing complexity of life, as the Young Lady of the house, and I, must be the only local folk who do not have a camera on their phone!

Please, Mr BT, and like-minded technical folk…..just let us get on with what we have, before I go bonkers and need to phone for an appointment to deal with my technical stress…. If I could just find the correct phone, number, password, NHI number,…birthdate, collar size, shoe size, car reg number………..

Aw heck, I think I’ll just write a letter (if I can remember which dates the posties are not on strike!)

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