A magically-musical Sunday

This Sunday is treated as the Feast of St Mary, the mother of Christ, and we spent it in two Churches with her as the Patron Saint…….St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral in Glasgow, where we heard the marvellous choir, supported by an oboeist, flautist, and pianist, as well as the organ. A wonderfully-eclectic group of anthems and hymns.

In the afternoon, our musical group (the Angelus Singers) went off to practise in St Mary’s, Aberfoyle. A lovely example of simple rural architecture, set in phenomenal countryside, it exuded warmth, and peace. We joined with the organist, and local singers, and practised lustily through the afternoon.

After refreshments, we sang the office of Evensong, and the Sermon was by Bishop John Crooks, who was a one-time Rector there. A good congregation certainly seemed to be inspired by the ancient words of the Liturgy.

So, two different experiences in one day, but still with a common purpose…..worship. No matter the different sizes and location of the two buildings, the numbers of those worshipping, the perfection of the singing, I hope that  the same effect was achieved and that we all went off with our spirits lifted…..and when that can happen twice in one Sunday, can anyone ask for more?

So thanks to ALL those in both Churches who have made this a wonderful Sunday for an old codger who just loves music!

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