….and yet!

I’m an early bird! As soon as I waken I have to get up. Came down to a beautiful morning, blue sky with a thin layer of high cloud, tree-branches gently waving in a light wind, birds happily chirping as they search in the under-growth for breakfast…..all’s well with the world……

…..and yet….there is something strange happening in Portugal. When we holidayed in that area, the heat was so intense that we could hardly leave the shade of the trees round the Hotel. So we didn’t get much chance to see the area or meet the ‘real’ locals, but those we did meet seemed perfectly pleasant.

So they are now wakening up with the realisation that possible suspicions may end up as proven. Whatever will materialise, there has been a lot of play-acting by various individual groups or individuals. The McCanns, their relations and friends, the Portuguese Police, and the media, have all come under suspicion as being ‘economic with the truth’ to use a long-standing phrase.

There may be good reasons for this, at least in their own minds, but hopefully the truth will appear, and this story which has gripped a large part of the European media will come to an end. This may not be the result we all hoped-for, but it may give some closure to the life of a little innocent girl.  

I suspect that it will, however, leave a feeling that human society is still not as clever at self-control as we like to think it is.