10 years on…

The remembrance of the death of Princess must have stirred up emotions of┬ásome kind in most of us. These were just a few of mine….

  • The realisation of how short 10 years are, in this one-way street called life
  • How suddenly life can be changed for a large number of people in a flash
  • A communal outpouring of grief, or any other emotion is much larger than the sum of its parts
  • The power of a piece of music like ‘In Paradisum’ from the Faure Requiem
  • The effect that we, as individuals, have on our friends and colleagues, or society in general, may never be known to us, but we will certainly be judged, not necessarily during our own life, but certainly later. By then it is too late to change anything!

What emotions did you have, reliving 10 years ago?