Cars v Bus

Thought of heading off for the bus into town…to use our bus passes for only the third time in a couple of years…(the convenience of the car can only be laid aside after a lot of practice!)…but at last minute, the rain came on, and it is a fair walk within the town….so have dropped the idea….sorry, environment, but the car still has a use for old folk like us!

The silly garden

Despite the turmoil in the world’s financial centres, the flowers have obviously been very un-impressed, because they have continued to bloom, and the tomato plants have continued to bring forth their fruit (if not exactly in due season).  Someone will have to tell them that they should be paying more attention to these important events….some hope!

Another day…another season!

A fruitful yesterday evening in the garden….the young blackbirds have left their nest so I could get the hedge cut at last….. why do we have to have a hedge with straight sides and top, as if it is a piece of household furniture? ….and the lawn has to be bowling-green flat, with no uneven-ness or weeds?

This morning, the rain is on, there is a glint off the wet leaves, and the patio slabs look pristine, but no birds are singing yet….maybe I frightened them off with the electric hedge-trimmer…..maybe I should have left the hedge for another day or two. When I retire, I will be able to afford that luxury!

The shortening days

Why do we make such an issue of the nights ‘coming-in’? They have been doing this every year since time immemorial, and certainly as long as I remember! Let’s revel in the changing proportion of light and dark, and the wonderful sky-scapes which make-up for the rain!

A summer evening

Out for a walk with our grandson, Euan, aged 9(and a bit!) and recalled the fun we had as children pretending to be lost in a wood, paddling in a stream, watching out for rabbits, throwing stones, acting the idiot on the swings, falling in the mud, walking on walls, washing the wellies, and a cold drink before going off home to get ready for school again……of such memories are a wonderful childhood made………

What do you recall from your youth?

Hello world!

My first blog, so please excuse any idiocy, as I embrace yet another area of life. The blogname tells you a little about me. Born a long time ago in the Northern Ireland town of Lisburn, but now living in one of the ‘leafy suburbs’ north of Glasgow. have still maintained some of my Irish accent, despite being married 40 years to Young Lady, a wonderful Scottish Lass, and having two great children.

Brought up in the Methodist tradition, came over to Episcopacy on marriage, and happily attending St Mary’s Cathedral in Glasgow. Love my music, and our long-established business helping deaf and hard-of-hearing people.