Harbinger of Autumn….in August?

We live close to an area of old peat-diggings, called Lenzie Moss. It is a protected area with a range of wildlife, which is sensitively used by local residents and it also has a group of Friends. In summer it dries up and you can see and feel the well-known material we all sprinkle on our garden. In winter it can become a dangerous quagmire,  and it is advisable to stick to the paths and duck-boards. As autumn approaches, it produces a morning mist which is plainly visible to us as we eat breakfast. Today, this mist has appeared, and there is a lot of condensation on the car windows, there are no clouds in the sky, just that lovely even colour which is a harbinger of a fine day ahead. So maybe the Moss is just playing a joke on us, and Autumn isn’t here yet……

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