Hello world!

My first blog, so please excuse any idiocy, as I embrace yet another area of life. The blogname tells you a little about me. Born a long time ago in the Northern Ireland town of Lisburn, but now living in one of the ‘leafy suburbs’ north of Glasgow. have still maintained some of my Irish accent, despite being married 40 years to Young Lady, a wonderful Scottish Lass, and having two great children.

Brought up in the Methodist tradition, came over to Episcopacy on marriage, and happily attending St Mary’s Cathedral in Glasgow. Love my music, and our long-established business helping deaf and hard-of-hearing people.

One thought on “Hello world!

  1. Looking forward to re-visiting the land of my birth, and catching-up with some gossip. Hope to see the beautiful waters of Upper and Lower Loch Erne, and the wild scenery of Donegal.

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